Protecting lives one stitch at a time

Our COVID-19 Partners

The IRONMAN Foundation

Their mission: "The IRONMAN Foundation creates positive, tangible change in race communities through grant funding and volunteerism."

Stitched Together received a generous grant from the IRONMAN Foundation as part of their IRONAID COVID-19 Support Fund. Their partnership will allow Stitched Together to launch the next phase of our face mask sewing movement. 

Stitched Together also received a donation of 2,000 race t-shirts from the IRONMAN Foundation after their wide variety of events were cancelled for COVID-19. Since the fabric is 100% cotton, all the t-shirts will be repurposed as the fabric for all of Stitched Together's face masks starting Fall, 2020.


Thank you for your generosity that is making it possible to protect lives, one stitch at a time.  


Supporting Hospital Abroad with Resources and Equipment

Their mission: "SHARE aims to provide international medical relief and reduce medical waste. We collect unused, clean medical supplies from the operating rooms at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and distribute them to clinics in developing nations."

As a Johns Hopkins University student organization, Stitched Together partnered with SHARE to spread our face mask sewing movement to Hopkins students around the world. Through collaboration with SHARE's Executive Board, we are able to ship face mask kits to volunteers for free, sew their face masks from the safety of their own home, and ship their completed masks back to Stitched Together and SHARE for donation. All the face masks from this partnership with be donated to the Baltimore community.