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Our Team

Samantha Lee
President & Co-Founder

I started Stitched Together to allow children and adults an opportunity to learn how to heal themselves and others through the life skill of sewing. Learning the stitches needed to put limbs and features onto a little bear inspires children to create, concentrate, and engage their empathy by choosing the charity or cause to which their finished bears will be donated. 
As a current student at Johns Hopkins University, my hope is to one day become a physician who uses both the art and science of medicine. The desire to be involved in the healing process years before I enter medical school is what inspired me to found Stitched Together.


Rachel Lee
Social Media Director & Co-Founder

I am currently a student at Bishop Manogue High School in Reno, NV and I joined Stitched Together in 2019. After participating in numerous workshops and donation events, I am excited to share all of Stitched Together’s amazing work with the global community. I look forward to spreading the mission of this unique organization and capturing the many smiles created with our hand stitched teddy bears.


Alia Azadi
Regional Director

I’m a student at Notre Dame High School and joined Stitched Together in 2022. I’m looking forward to making an impact through teaching and contribution. I want to connect with the Bay Area through service and I hope I can give back to my community. I’m excited to learn  and take these experiences with me through my journey as a student and beyond.

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