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Protecting lives one stitch at a time

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What pattern does Stitched Together use? 

    • Here is a link to our video on how to sew a face mask where we explain the pattern we use

    • To withstand the high heat washing machines and be as effective as possible to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Stitched Together is using 100% cotton fabric. Researchers at Cambridge University conducted a study to see the most effective material to block bacteria and found 100% cotton was 74% effective, compared to surgical masks that showed at 94% effectiveness (source). Additionally, we decided to model our face masks after commercially produced surgical masks and use ties instead of elastic so each person who wears our mask can customize the fit to their preference. We understand our mask design is not CDC compliant, but we hope each mask can help protect a life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • How are masks being returned for donation to Stitched Together? 

    • Stitched Together is currently waiting for nonprofit mailing status with USPS and is hoping to eventually include return shipping. If it’s a financial hardship to mail your completed masks back to us please email us

  • How are Stitched Together's masks sanitized? 

    • Stitched Together is in constant communication with our partners about ensuring the highest quality of sanitation for our face masks. Upon receiving our face mask donation, our partners put our face masks through high heat washing machines before distributing them to those in dire need of face masks. Additionally, we also encourage our volunteer sewers to follow a protocol included with their face mask sewing kit to help minimize the spread of bacteria and germs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Who is using Stitched Together's masks? 

    • Our masks will be used by everyone in health care settings who is in need of extra protection but does not require the use of commercially produced, sterile surgical or N95 masks. ​Since all our face masks are made from 100% cotton, they can also be laundered and reused multiple times to also help with the large volume of face masks required during this pandemic. All our masks are shipped to hospitals, retirement communities, and other organizations in dire need of face masks.

  •  Can volunteer sewers donate masks to local health care workers? 

    • Yes, if you have connections to local health care workers Stitched Together is happy to have you donate your masks to those in your community who need them. Our goal is to help protect as many lives as possible and if you would like to distribute them to your local community we are happy to help make a difference. We have offered our mail back option as a way to help volunteers direct their face masks to those who need them most since we know it can be difficult to find local organizations who will take a donation of hand sewn face masks. 

  • Can you keep Stitched Together's masks for personal use? 

    • Our goal is to help serve as many health care workers and people in dire need of face masks as possible. However, we understand the CDC released ​information encouraging all Americans to wear face masks whenever they go outside of their home. Therefore, while we highly encourage you to donate your masks back to directly help those on the front lines of COVID-19, we are accepting donations of $5 for every mask you keep for personal use if you click here. This donation will help cover the supplies and shipping cost for each mask to help Stitched Together continue making face masks for those on the front lines. 

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